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Medieval Seals

Individual Lay People.

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Thor Longus, c.1107 X 1117, G&B 3002. This vesica-shaped seal is among the oldest extant of a Scottish layman; neither the shape nor the design, of a seated man with his sword, follows the pattern common in twelfth-century England. MC 722.

Nigel d'Aubigny, 1109 X 1114, G&B 40. A very early example of a typical equestrian seal. 1.12.Spec.23 *


William de Vesci, c.1158, G&B 2539. A punning device: vetch pods. 4.2.Spec.3

Er[nulf of Morwick ?], c.1175, G&B 1834. Equestrian. On his half-brother's (?) grant of a marriage portion. 1.5.Spec.4 *

Geoffrey fitz Richard, c.1180, G&B 2075. Equestrian. 3.7.Spec.21 *

Joan of Acklam, c.1215, G&B 9. This illustrates the vesica-shaped seal normally used by women, as well as bishops. MC 2057.
Robert of Stockport and his wife Matilda, c.1225, G&B 2323. The marks on Matilda's seal are thought to be the marks of teeth; there are references, though unreliable, to seals being impressed with tooth marks in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. 2.2.4.Ebor.60

Gilbert of Beal, c.1255, G&B 180. 2.1.Spec.19 *

William of Kelloe, John de Lisle, 1258 X 1290, G&B 1484, 1607. William's seal has a border of leaves instead of a legend; John's legend is religious, in French, and does not name him. MC 2114*

Robert de Elmeden, 1275, G&B 861. Fleur-de-lys, probably the most common design for personal seals in the thirteenth century. 4.1.Elemos.17 *

Guy de la Roche, French merchant, 1290, G&B 2114. Armorial. MC 3690 *

Andrew Tang notary, 1297, G&B 3465. *

Brachius Girardi merchant of Florence, 1303, G&B 1076. Antique gem. MC 4427 *

John Cumin, c.1305, G&B 750. Armorial: three sheaves. 4.1.Sacr.15 *

Robert de Neville knight, 1318. Armorial. MC 3731 *

Richard of Stanley, Nicholas Gategang, Walter of Washington, 1318, G&B 2302, 1055, 2608. Nicholas' legend is a rhyming prayer and does not name him. MC 4265 *

Thomas Daulyn, merchant of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1320, G&B 2543. An early example of a merchant's mark on a seal. Misc.Ch. 3744

Alexander de Bergh, 1340, G&B 217. Armorial. MC 3487 *

William Heron, 1359, G&B 1280. Armorial. MC 1464 *

John of Elvet or William Claxton, 1375, G&B 877. Antique gem, legend in French. MC 6319 *

John of Lancaster, son of Henry IV, 1413, G&B 3066. Large armorial. 1.1.Spec.56

26 free tenants of Elvet (Durham), 1442, incl. G&B 178, 622, 766, 1739 and 2417. 4.16.Spec.26 *

Oliver Stokdale, William Stokdale and Sibyl his wife, 1490, G&B 2321. No legends. 3.18.Spec.35 *