Search the Pictures in Print database

This page provides a series of ways of searching the database via the index terms that have been given to each item. Any one of them will work, but they cannot be combined.
There are two ways to search; A. use the text box and button if you know what you are looking for, or B. click on the "Retrieve records ..." link below the box and button to retrieve a full alphabetical list of index terms used.
A. Searching using the text box
Any text typed in the boxes below will automatically be treated as part of a possible phrase when submitted - that is "mouth" would find under places Bishopwearmouth, Monkwearmouth etc. A search for "ro" under people would find Robinson, Robson or Johnson, Robert. Use as much of the word as possible to reduce the number of search results
Some useful search terms can be found by looking through the lists of available index terms. It does not distinguish between capital and lower case letters.
B. Searching with the lists of index terms
Click on this for an alphabetical list of index terms used that can be paged through (30 per page). Any records can then be retrieved by clicking on the button next to the required term.
Retrieve records using list of subject index terms used

Retrieve records using list of place index terms used

Retrieve records using list of names of people

Retrieve records using list of names of corporate bodies


Input dates as years only - between 1570 and 1899.

If these do not find the required images, alternative searches are available, free text searching of the title and description, and search for place of publication. It is recommended that these are only used if the index term searches do not provide viable alternatives.
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