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Title:Map of the coalfield, of Northumberland & Durham, shewing the ascertained collieries, pits, faults, dykes & other interruptions, with the railways & parts of shipment.Click on this image for zoomable version: Image name = m0079t.jpg    m0079
Creator (as stated on item): Constructed for the coal trade, by William Oliver, mining engineer, Walbottle, Newcastle, with the assistance of other mining engineers of the district. 1851. M. &. M.W. Lambert, lithographers
Place of publication: Newcastle
Other publication given: M. & M.W. Lambert, lithographers
Date of publication: 1851
Contents description: map of parts of County Durham and Northumberland (from Warkworth to the Tees, and from the coast west to Wolsingham), showing the outcrop of the coalfields, and areas of magnesian limestone, red sandstone, and red clay. Indicates collieries and railway lines, woodland, country houses and park land.
Scale [1:50 688]
Additional scale information: Scale statement on map: 1 inch to 1 mile
Quantity/type of material: 1 map
Size: 203 x 107 cm
Other informationcol.
Published description: Turner (1954) 116 (Bibliography)

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Repository/reference number:DUL XL 553.2 OLI (accession 18,470)
Copy specific notes: Dissected, mounted and folded to 24 x 20 cm, in case 26 x 21 cm.

Repository/reference number:DCO Maps (accession 451672)
Copy specific notes: Folded to 36 x 20 cm, in boards 37 x 21 cm, with armorial bookplate of Matthew Liddell. Hand col.

Index Terms
Creator:Oliver, William
Corporate bodies
Creator:M. & M. W. Lambert (Lithographers)
Durham (England : County) - Maps, Smaller areas - 1851
Northumberland (England) - Maps - 1851
Coal mines and mining - Maps

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