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Title:Plan of the collieries on the rivers Tyne and Wear, also Blyth, Bedlington and Hartley; with the country 11 miles round Newcastle,Click on this image for zoomable version: Image name = p2319t.jpg    p2319
Creator (as stated on item):taken from actual surveys by John Gibson 1787.
Place of publication: London
Other publication given: Published by R. Ward
Date of publication: Jan[uar]y 1st., 1788MMM
Contents description: map of the Northumberland and Durham coalfield from Bedlington in the north to Wilton Gilbert in the south, and from the coast to Belsay and Ovingham in the west. Indicates depths of coal pits and distances. Waggonways from collieries to staithes are marked in red. Also glassworks and saltpans on the Tyne are shown. Shows parks and houses of nobility and gentry, with names of their owners. Title vignette (top left) depicts coal staithes and a colliery. Dedicated to Hugh, Duke of Northumberland, in a vignette (bottom left) depicting Alnwick Castle. Tables of keel dues on the Tyne and at Sunderland in the margin.
Title includes the date '1787' instead of 1788.
Scale [1:63 360]
Additional scale information: Scale statement on map: 6 in. to 6 miles
Quantity/type of material: 1 map
Size: 64 x 99 cm
Published description: Turner (1954) 149 (Bibliography)

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Repository/reference number:SCM TWCMS : C6541
Copy specific notes: Loose map in two sheets.

Index Terms
Creator:Gibson, John
Northumberland (England) - Maps - 1788
Durham (England : County) - Maps - 1788
Coal mines and mining - Maps
Land tenure - Maps
Coal mines and mining - Pictorial works
Rivers - Maps

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