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Pictures in Print is a collaborative project to produce an online union catalogue of printed maps and topographical prints of Co Durham created before the 1860s. The first phase of the project was sponsored by the British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme and covered material held by Durham University Library, Durham County Library and Durham Cathedral Library. The second phase was sponsored by NEMLAC and added material from the collections at Sunderland Museum, Sunderland City Library and the Laing Gallery at Newcastle. The project is managed and hosted by Durham University Library.

Durham University Crest Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections
Located on Palace Green, Durham; holds a wide range of loose maps and prints, and books (holdings identified as DUL in catalogue)
Lead institute for the project and base for the cataloguing and conservation phases of the project. Host and maintainers of the web site and online catalogue.
Durham County Council Crest Durham County Council, Arts, Libraries and Museums Dept
Now located in the Clayport Library (formerly at South Street); holds a wide range of loose maps and prints, and books (holdings identified as DCO in catalogue). Please note that most of the loose items have now been transferred to the care of Durham County Record Office.
Durham Cathedral Library Durham Cathedral Library
The Chapter Library, located in the cloisters of Durham Cathedral; houses a collection of loose prints and maps, as well as books, with a particular emphasis on images of the Cathedral (holdings identified as DCL in catalogue).
Sunderland Museum logo Sunderland Museum
Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, Mowbray Park; holds a large collection of loose and framed prints and maps (formerly shared the premises with the City Library and when the organisation was divided the Museum retained the prints, the Library the books, and the map collection was split with the more modern maps going to the Library) (holdings identified as SCM in catalogue)
Sunderland City logo Sunderland City Library
Sunderland City Library; holds an extensive local collection including books and maps (prints mainly remaining at the Museum) (holdings identified as SCL in catalogue)
The Bowes Museum The Bowes Museum
Originally involved in project while still part of Durham County Council, Arts, Libraries and Museums Dept; now an independent organisation. Loose prints and maps surveyed only but not incorporated into catalogue.

North East Museums Libraries & Archives Council; funded the second phase of the project (no longer functioning)

The British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme
Funded the first phase of the project, as part of a programme to foster cross-sectoral work between libraries.
The Map Department of the British Library will also provide some images of key items not held by any other participating institutions.
BL Concord logo

Ushaw College, near Durham, provided assistance with some books and prints, but their holdings have not been surveyed or generally included in the catalogue
The project is also grateful to Frank Graham, publisher, of Newcastle upon Tyne, for permission to reproduce images of some town maps created by John Wood from his facsimile edition.

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  Last revised: July 2016