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Printing out images

The images on the website are all in the copyright of the institution[s] owning the original, but are made available for private non-commercial use.
The simplest printing method is just to print the page in the web browser, which is useful for the database information and thumbnails. However, to get a better image from a part of a page, and especially from the zoomed image, some sort of a screen capture programme is preferable. With the zoomed image you can only ever capture/print a 730 x 550 pixel portion of the image - this means, depending on the size of the original, a zoomed out low resolution image of the whole or a zoomed in detail of part of the whole at higher resolution. If you don't have a screen capture programme, try PrintKey by Alfred Bolliger (for Windows) - there are different versions around, freeware for older versions of Windows and shareware for the newer - search for "PrintKey" and "Bolliger" in your search engine of choice. This allows you to select part of the screen to print or save and ensures that it is just the image rather than the text that is printed out.

What does the NCSRenderer error message "There is no RGB information to draw to window. ReadImage() must be called in non progressive mode before drawing can occur" mean?
This appears with non colour images viewed using the zoomable plug-in when a print command is sent from the browser. It does not affect colour images, but means that greyscale images do not print with the browser's normal "Print" command. The current work around is to use the preferred method of using a screen capture or print screen programme to print just the image, which has the added advantage of not printing the text instructions etc.

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